Project Maestro Program

Music has proven to provide healing therapeutic benefits, relief from stress, improved quality of life, and ability to connect with others.

PROJECT MAESTRO is a collaborative music gifting program designed to get Beamz into the hands of individuals, families, professionals, and organizations that have members with special needs. As of January 2017, Project Maestro has over 500 Beamz Interactive Music Systems available for donation, and has plans to secure additional funding to expand the program further in the future.

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The Power of Music

Share Your Blessings believes that music is a powerful means to help people of all ages and abilities to unlock a variety of educational, social and therapeutic benefits while having fun. The benefits of just listening to music are well known for stress relief, brain fitness, invoking memories, improving communication and participation in socialization activities given that the brain processes music using both hemispheres. Beyond listening to music, however, interacting with music via movement and engaging in activity making and/or performing music provides even greater extraordinary benefits for increased brain activity, enabling even more opportunities for wellness, skill building, skill maintenance and improved quality of life.

Beamz Music System

With its recreational music-making orientation and universal design the Beamz Interactive music system enables people of all ages and abilities to experience the fun of music making. Beamz also creates inclusive opportunities for people of varying abilities to play together. The Beamz Home Edition ($249.95 MSRP), which includes an Activity Guide with 14 games and activities, is the product gifted to qualifying individuals and families for home play through the Project Maestro program.

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